ECU Remapping FAQs

We appreciate that you may have question on ECU remapping so below are some of the most asked questions. However, if you need any further help please contact us on 01159 861186

Do I need to provide the car in good working order.

Yes, the car will need to have been maintained and in good working order. This will not only get the best from the remap but a poorly maintained car can cause a remap to highlight other problems. We will carry out a diagnostic check on your vehicle to check for faults

What if I don’t like the remap.

If you are not completely satisfied with your remap within 7 days you will not be charged, and we will return your car back to standard (minus the cost of installation).

Will the Remapping Service affect my insurance.

The tuning is very hard for any insurance company to detect, but you should inform your insurance company.

Why is a Remapping Service better option than a Plug-in tuning box.

The alternative to a proper remap is a plug-in tuning box. When comparing the two, a full remap is irrefutably the better option. A tuning box sends false sensor values throughout the complete rev-range. This tells the ECU that there is not enough fuel entering the engine. The ECU then over-fuels in order to gain performance. Although performance gains are made, they are at the cost of high emissions, higher engine temperatures, and general abuse of the engine. This may result in poor running, black smoke emitting from the exhaust, clogged injectors, rough idle, and engine cut-out.

Do you provide a guarantee for the Remapping Service.

Yes, all our work is carried out by professionals and comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Do I need to do further modifications to my vehicle.

No other modifications are required to your vehicle. We ensure that the extra load on the engine and transmission falls within safe margins.

How will the Remapping Service affect the life of my engine.

The remap does not in any way affect the life expectancy of the engine.

How will the Remapping Service affect my cars fuel consumption.

In most cases, certainly in diesel cars, your fuel consumption will be improved by up to 10%.

How will the Remapping Service affect my warranty.

The modification to the map is undetectable by the dealer’s diagnostic equipment. Therefore, unless you tell them it has been done, they will not be aware of the change.

How long will the Remapping Service take.

The remap usually takes 2 to 3 hours.

Please note that all quoted power increases and fuel economies are for indication only, these vary from the make and model of your car. Results vary from car to car and DNA Autocare Limited can not and will not be held responsible if your vehicle does not reach the stated power gains.

What Our Customers Say…

Excellent Service

Oct 21, 2018 by Dean

Took my 118d for a re-mapping and it was turned around within a short period of time and the car now ...

Outstanding service

Aug 23, 2018 by Martin

After personal recommendations I had my Abarth 595 stage 1 remap done at DNA wow just wow .... ...

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