ECU Remapping

DNA Autocare Limited Performance Service can offer an ECU Remapping service at our Nottingham Centre Garage location to improve your cars performance.

The result of a Car Tuning Service upgrade can increased power-output of anywhere from 10-50%, depending on your car’s Make, Model and Engine size. The ECU Mapping can also help fuel economy, results can be from 5-20%. Helping to make a tank of fuel last longer.

Our trained in-house team can achieved these results by programming the car’s internal software with a well-balanced combination of fuel and modifying the ignition timing system. If your car is fitted with one, we will also raise the level of turbo-boost in the standard software installed on your vehicle.

We offer several ways in which to reprogram your ECU to achieve these results and we are only too happy to discuss these further with you, so you can get the best results. For details and pricing on our different car tuning services, please call us or us our Contact Page. We always keep your original on our database if you would like to put the vehicle back to its standard factory settings for any reason.

We aim to give the customer the highest quality of service with all our services, including car tuning, remapping and engine diagnostics.

What Our Customers Say…


Mar 27, 2017 by Steve W

Excellent service again by DNA the remap has transformed the car.


Mar 10, 2017 by Jon

Big thank you to Danny & his team at DNA , after 3 months of misguided information & wasted money ...

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